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HLIBNY DAR vodka is an impeccable, intoxicating Ukrainian vodka, highly appreciated by the international alcoholic elite. Vodka has won many prestigious awards and rightfully occupies a place in the top three, along with the well-known giants Smirnoff and Absolut.

Tradepro 17 is official importer and distributor for Bulgaria of HLIBNY DAR.

It is made from completely natural ingredients and high-quality spirits from the “Lux” class. The diamond transparency of the drink is achieved by the used cleaning technologies of the new generation. This is the choice of people who change the world. For more than 10 years, HLIBNY DAR embodies impeccable quality and upholds the true values:

  • love of country;
  • loyalty to her traditions;
  • respect for people and their work;

Vodka Hlibny Dar Wheat – impresses with its special vodka taste and real strength.

Vodka Hlibny Dar Rye Lux – contains pure artesian water, extracts of rye bread, cinnamon and cumin.