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PERLEX detergents and cleaners


Cleanliness, quality and protection of surfaces are the main driving force that inspired us to create our brand of detergents and cleaners PERLEX. We rely on environmentally friendly ingredients that are gentle and do not cause allergies and skin problems. We use fully recyclable packaging to protect the nature.

Tradepro 17 is official owner and distributor of brand Perlex.

The PERLEX includes:

Washing liquid and powder detergent:

Cleaning agent for floor surfaces, 1,5 litre: 

Detergent for cleaning glass surfaces, 750 ml:

Cleaning detergents: 

Cleaning detergent for bathroom and kitchen:  

Dishwashing liquid:

Cleaning supplies:

Garbage bags:

Universal wet wipes for cleaning all surfaces:

WC blocks:

Vacuum bags: